Tips on Caring for Laptop or Notebook

February 02


Tips on how to caring for laptop or notebook – in using a laptop or notebook, sometimes there are things that are less understood, which can result in disruption of performance of a laptop or notebook. Laptops or notebooks are electronic items that require special care in its use than a PC computer maintenance.
Unlike the PC Computer Maintenance, I think, caring for laptop or notebook basically covers how we use it, Bring it, and Save it. Regardless of the software, the following simple manner of caring for laptop or notebook that can be applied:

Tips on Using a Laptop or Notebook:

  1. Use Laptop as necessary or when it is needed. The use of laptops cannot be equated with an ordinary computer (PC), in terms of durability on continuous usage, especially for playing games.
  2. Avoid using laptop cover or Keyboard Cover and do not use a laptop on a soft mat or uneven, for example; Carpet rugged, foam, blankets, mattresses, pillows, bolsters, etc…. because it can interfere with air circulation under the laptop.
  3. Avoid Laptop or notebook from direct sun light or find a shady spot and clean free from dust.
  4. Do not use a laptop with a lap for long time, the air circulation hole is usually located just above the thigh (blocked).
  5. Keep your Laptop from Water (liquid), Electric field or strong magnetic field or field of electromagnetism, as a large speakers, transformmator, high-power RF transmitter, etc.
  6. Find the position of the flat, safe, stable, and stay away from vibration, buffeting, impact, and blow as it can damage the hard drive.
  7. Do not move the laptop or notebook when lit. Even if in a hurry, move the laptop with care and without pounding impact.
  8. Do not use the laptop while charging the battery (rechargered) let alone the condition of the battery is empty (under 10%). Please Use a laptop while rechargered, provided the battery is charged above 50%, as this will simplify caring for Laptops.
  9. Avoid the use of laptop without battery (charger only) in a long time. This condition is very dangerous if a sudden power failure with no UPS. Furthermore, without the battery condition will aggravate the stabilizer circuit inside the laptop because desipasi of power in this circuit becomes higher than using batteries.
  10. Use a charger in accordance brand laptops are concerned. If you use the Universal Laptop Charger, set to a minimum voltage such that a laptop battery can be charged. This was to minimize the power at the circuit desipasi charger on the laptop.
  11. Unplug the charger immediately after charging the battery reaches 100% (full) especially for old laptop because it is usually not equipped with Auto Stop Rechargered (rechargered process automatically stops when the laptop battery is full). For type of New laptops are already equipped with the circuit so that the charger should not be removed even if the battery is full.
  12. Avoid the use of External Cooling Fan with taking power supply from USB Laptop because in some cases even incriminating laptop. Use a separate Power Supply for External Cooling Fan.
  13. Avoid excessive use of the external device, for example, using a USB Modem, Printer, Wireless Mouse, CD-ROOM, flash disk, Microphone, an External Speaker (Headphone), LCD projector and active simultaneously.
  14. Avoid doing too loud knock on the mouse pad. Some brands put the laptop hard drive just below the mouse pad so hard knock can interfere with the performance of the hard drive. We recommend using an only mouse.
  15. Do not Connect LAN Network Adapter with a PABX telephone line (Private Automatic Branch exchange) that often existed in offices because most of PABX potentially damaging LAN Network Adapter on the Laptop or Notebook.
  16. Always Disable or turn off a Device is not used. For example, if you use the Internet Modem, then you should turn off or disable Wi-Fi Adapter.
  17. Avoid too frequent burning data to CD/DVD using a CD/DVD-RW in Laptop ROOM, especially for large data except for urgent situations. Try a CD/DVD-RW Laptop ROOM only to read data from CD/DVD.

Tips on carrying laptop or notebook:

  1. Make sure the laptop or notebook on the Off or shutdown condition.
  2. Use the special laptop bag equipped with thick spongy and retention of shock/vibration.
  3. Do not put the laptop into the bag immediately after use long (hot conditions). Wait until the temperature of the laptop is really cool. To speed cooling or fanning you can be blowing it.
  4. Make sure you use strong bags and do not break the clamps. Especially if you take it while driving.
    Stay away from the strong electric or magnetic field.
  5. Avoid actions that endanger yourself or bring your current laptop such as running, dancing, jumping, jump up and down, rolling, tumbling, fighting, subject to water splashes, contact with rain water, speeding and reckless when driving, etc…..
  6. Do not fall especially when outside the bag.
  7. Do not be kicked…
  8. Do not slam…

Storing and Caring Tips for a Laptop or Notebook:

  1. Keep in place Clean, Cool and Dry away from dust and reach of children or nosy people.
  2. Do not store the laptop for too long without ever being turned on at all. Keep the laptop occasionally turned a few tens of minutes to warm the components inside the laptop, especially during the rainy season or moist air.
  3. Clean Laptop, using cloth Fine. Use a soft brush for such a difficult position between keyboard. For stubborn stains on the LCD can be used a soft cloth dampened with alcohol 70%. Do not be washed! ……
  4. Keep away from traffic or insect nests or nosy animals such as rats, cockroaches, termites, ants, lizards, Spiderman, etc…
  5. Keep away from strong Electric field and Magnetic Field.
  6. Do not put heavy objects and dangerous on top of the laptop such as: a thick book (a pile of books), coffee, tea, milk, cendol ice, etc..
  7. Do not save/put the laptop in place that harm the position of the laptop, such as near a TV, children’s playroom, the kitchen, near the stove, near the bathrooms, under the mattress, under a pillow, a chair, dining table, on the floor (because it can be stepped on), etc..

It’s like a complicated, but by caring for laptop or notebook can minimize the possibility of damage to the laptop, so you can use it in a long time (durable).

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