In 2012, the Year of Quad Core Processors?

January 22


Year 2011 may be a year of dual cores, since many phones that carry this chipset. What about 2012, many people predicted the year 2012 as the year of quad cores.
Consideration will be many devices that carry the latest processors. After the latest notebooks and PCs carrying the Quad Core processor or processors of four brains, turn the tablet that carries the same proesor. If the tablet has brought this processor, which means smarphone will idem ditto.
In the arena of consumer electronics show (ECS) in 2012 not long ago, many emerging products that carry the Quad Core processor. This latest processor previously carried tablet manufacturers. Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime and IdeaTad K2 made by Lenovo, just a couple. Asus also plans to carry Quad Core for Asus Memo 370T.
Do not stop at the tablet, smartphone vendors do not want to lose. Fujitsu, for example, start with exhibiting steal the prototype smartphones that use the quad core processor from Nvidia’s Tegra 3.
Followed by HTC Edge / Endeavor, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S III and S 3D is touted to be carrying the Nvidia Tegra 3. It later came the LG X3 which will also carry the Tegra 3.
It is estimated that in the event the mobile world Congress next February will be a growing number of tablets and smartphones that carries the new quad core processor. Today, many mobile phones and tablet vendors are turning to the NVidia Tegra 3 products.
When the choice then fell on the Tegra 3, well-founded. Because the previous product Tegra 2 dual core processors, with a clock speed of 2 x 1.5 GHz, recorded as the smartphone processor with the fastest performance.
Latest smartphones do require high performance for graphics and multitasking works. Dual core processor like Tegra 2 is no longer considered adequate to meet the needs of smartphone users are increasingly mobile, increasingly accustomed to multitasking and high-consuming graphics and video. For the matter of speed, quad-core into solution.
Not only fast, Quad Core processor is claimed to save energy, efficient battery usage alias. Vendors do need a battery-saving technology. Because the latest networking technologies, such as LTE/4G require a larger battery.
Battery is still a matter of controversy. There is a possibility that the quad cores just wasteful batteries, or at least unable to work optimally when you are disabled in an efficient battery. However, irrefutable, it is capable of supporting the need for faster performance. Quad cores will indeed be an option.


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